Spa day at home

Everyone needs time for some self-care

Let’s face it, we have probably all spent more than enough time in the company of our lovely families/housemates and maybe some of us want to run screaming into the bathroom, slam and lock the door just to get a little space! But what do you do when you get there? Hint: Spa day at home does not involve any cleaning!

Enjoy some tips and tricks to help you out while you wait for businesses to reopen and can finally get an appointment. 

Think of what your ideal spa day at home might include: a soak in an oil scented tub with cucumber slices on your eyes. Next comes a cleansing face mask and conditioning hair treatment. how about a pedicure or skin exfoliation? There are plenty of ways to relax and sooth your body at home. So dig out your candles, play some soothing tunes and ready a glass of wine or herbal tea.

Take a look at the following resources for great ideas on how to kick start your spa day at home.

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Spa eBooks

Learn to spa with the help of these great ebooks.

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Spa day eAudiobooks

Listen to some interesting thoughts on beauty through these Audiobooks:

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Spa day music 

Seek out some soothing soundtracks for a spa day groove with Freegal.

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Spa day eMagazines 

Get inspired to spa with these fantastic eMagazines:

  • The Australian Women’s Weekly Food
  • Vegetarian Today
  • Healthy Food Guide

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Create a DIY spa night at home

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