Power up with pilates

With over 11 million people practicing Pilates worldwide this form of exercise must have something going for it right? If you are looking for something to build your core strength, improve your balance and coordination while increasing your flexibility, Pilates could be for you. Invented in Germany during the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, this method of exercise is now worldwide with specialist studios and classes available almost anywhere.

Pilates focuses on nine different principles:

  • breathe
  • concentration
  • control
  • centering
  • flow
  • postural alignment
  • precision
  • alignment
  • relaxation
  • stamina

Pilates is a great low-impact exercise choice and can be done with or without specialist equipment. You can find beginner classes that utilise a simple gym mat as well as classes that use the Pilates machinery known as a Reformer.

Basic Pilates Exercises for Beginners, Mat Routine, Attain Core Strength, Stability + Flexibility

Be sure to have your water bottle handy – you will need it. As Pilates targets your muscles you can feel the burn and know when you have improved as the moves become easier. But start slow as you want this to be ongoing fitness fun, not a fast track trip to the emergency ward! Be sure to not overdo it and build in rest days to your routine.

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  • Pilates Essentials: Certified Pilates instructor Lindsey Jackson has a unique teaching style and makes Pilates accessible, easy to follow and entertaining whilst bringing all the known benefits of a strong core, abdominal and back strength and a calmness of mind.
  • Core Strength and Balance: Maintaining core strength and balance is essential for maintaining our physical independence as we age. This session focuses on a series of yoga and Pilates exercises "performed both in a chair and on the floor" designed to improve your posture and strengthen the muscles in your core and back.

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