Permaculture gardens

Permaculture is a sustainable gardening practice that has minimal impact on the environment. It encourages a holistic approach to gardening that provides everything your garden needs to be healthy. Permaculture aims to reduce waste, promote diversity, save energy and live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Communities are more environmentally conscious than ever before. Permaculture gardening allows individuals to create their own food chain that is free of chemicals and waste. It also encourages a shift in lifestyle that benefits the individual, their community and the planet.

Permaculture gardening can be incorporated into your lifestyle wherever you live. Simple changes such as composting kitchen scraps or setting up a home nursery all contribute to creating a sustainable life. 

What is Permaculture?

If you are a gardener or hobby farmer looking to restore balance to the environment, permaculture could be the global movement for you. Take a look at the great information and resources available at Sunshine Coast Libraries. 


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Melliodora – The birthplace of permaculture Learn all about where permaculture began with Costa from Gardening Australia.

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