Mini orchard

Learn how to plant a fruit tree and create a mini orchard of your own

Want to put a citrus tree in your garden and be able to fill the fruit bowl without leaving home? Learn how to plant a citrus tree and so much more about having a mini orchard of your own.

Do you love your fruit, berries or nuts? Wish you could harvest all things fruit from your very own backyard? Long for a mini orchard of your own? Move from the dream to reality and learn all about the art of growing fruit trees.

In this lush sub-tropical region with moderate winters, limited frosts and humid summers, there is allowance for an amazing range of fruiting trees and vines to flourish. You can grow the exotic like avocado, passionfruit, guava, tamarillo, loquat, jaboticaba, walnut, babaco, black sapote, custard apple, pawpaw, rambutan, mango, pineapple, gooseberry, bananas, jackfruit, carambola and longan, or the more everyday like citrus, nuts and cane fruits. The Sunshine Coast climate ensures your mini orchard options are huge.

These days there are even some of the traditionally cold fruiting trees that have been successfully cultivated for success in sub-tropical areas. A few different micro-climates between the hills and the coast can help offer variety in your own mini orchard.

Even if you are limited for space, fruit success is possible in pots or containers – think citrus, strawberries and blueberries. Why not ask around your neighbourhood to find out what others have been successful at growing. Plot out your own micro orchard now!

Tips and tricks

  • Consider what fruits are your favourites, how much space you have, water availability or any particular micro-climate present before you select and plant.
  • Visit your local nursery to see what types of fruit and nut trees or vines are available to purchase in your area. Talk to the staff to gather more information on what will be successful.
  • If space is restricted, think about dwarf varieties, container planting or espaliering where you grow the tree in a trained fashion against a wall.
  • Plan out your space, know what protection you might need to have on hand such as netting, pest deterrent sprays or wrapping to help with cold winds.

Access great resources and learn how to bring more orchard goodness into your life.


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Who does not love the sweet explosion of a fresh banana in your mouth – so delicious! Imagine being able to pick them at home. The sub-tropical Sunshine Coast climate makes this possible.  

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