The happiness quest

Pharrell Williams will sing you happy! Discover your very own happiness quest.


Today’s modern world can be full of stress and crisis – especially now – and the human quest for happiness is a global pursuit. With so many suggested methods to increase or find happiness, you will never run out of things to try.

Happiness is good for your health, relationships and sense of belonging and purpose in the world. Everyone knows the day goes better when you have a smile on your face and reasons to feel happy.

So how can you cultivate happiness and enjoy your time on the planet more? Start simple by incorporating into your days more funny movies, play, time in nature and purpose filled activities that give you pleasure, be it gardening, reading, cooking – the list is endless!

Top 10 things to foster happiness:

  1. Sleep more – have a look at the Sleep station program for tips, tricks and resources
  2. Hang out with family and friends
  3. Exercise – check out the Yoga program 
  4. Get outside – visit Adventure Sunshine Coast for lots of ideas to discover the region
  5. Help others – check out volunteering ideas in the area
  6. Practice smiling – try it! You will end up smiling for real. To help watch a funny movie or comedy show
  7. Plan a trip – Queensland is open for business so whether it’s a day or a fortnight have a staycation
  8. Meditate – Have a look at all the free resources available
  9. Declutter – everything! Take the clutter challenge
  10. Practice gratitude – keep a journal, say thank you more often or share your top 3 best things that happened each day with your family

Libraries have gathered all things happiness for you right here so taste testing your happiness quest approach is so simple you will soon be smiling. Try out some of these great resources.


Libraries love these happiness eBooks:

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Elevate your happiness by listening to these eAudiobooks:

You can borrow up to 30 eAudiobooks from each provider at a time for a period of three weeks. To get started, download the BorrowBox, Libby, and RBDigital apps, select Sunshine Coast Libraries and enter your member number and password. Need help setting up your device for eAudiobooks? Watch this video tutorial.


Libraries love these fascinating Happiness documentaries from Kanopy:


Try these Happiness Playlists to set the mood or create your own playlist to suit with 1000’s of songs to choose from:

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As part of your happiness quest, Libraries challenge you to not feel happy while you listen this Justin Timberlake song – Can’t stop the feeling 

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