The art of getting things done

Do you find yourself saying "there isn’t enough time in the day"? This phrase is all too common in today’s world. Emails, social media and the many other little to-dos that come up can make staying on task harder to accomplish than your actual work. It is no surprise then that so many people are looking to improve their focus, time management and general productivity.

Improving productivity is not about finding more hours in your day. It is about doing more and working more efficiently in the time you do have. Doing this requires building new habits to become more focused and efficient. By improving productivity you can reduce the stress of doubt, guilt and feeling overwhelmed by your jobs.  

Here are ten top tips to improve your productivity:

  • Take regular breaks – short breaks boost concentration, creativity and memory
  • Eat that frog – tackle your most important or daunting task first. Learn about this time management technique based on a Mark Twain quote 
  • Learn to single-task – boost productivity by focusing on one task at a time
  • Follow the 'two-minute rule' – if a task that can be done in two minutes, do it now as it will take longer to review and finish later
  • Plan each day the night before – write a simple to-do list before going to bed 
  • Take advantage of your commute – use this time to learn something new, read a book or listen to a great podcast
  • Get organised – keep your space clear
  • Eliminate digital distractions – set a limit on the amount of time you spend on your phone or browsing the internet
  • Make a not-to-do list of activities you are planning to stop doing to become more productive
  • Get enough sleep – seven to nine hours sleep each night is recommended for physical and mental well-being

Getting in control and creating space David Allen



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