Cheese - Fermented Foods Friday

Did someone say grilled cheese sandwich? Learn how to make your own fermented cheese

Fermented Cheese with Elisabeth Fekonia

Join the local fermenting legend Elisabeth Fekonia, accredited permaculture teacher from Permaculture Realfood, Friday 21 August, 10am on Facebook to learn how to make fermented Haloumi and Butterkase cheese. Be sure to schedule it in the diary and pre-prep your ingredients. Find out how to do all this good stuff – in your very own kitchen.

Elisabeth shows how to make haloumi - a firm pickled cheese, originally from Cyprus - and Butterkase, a drain curd cheese that is yellow and has a rind. It is similar in appearance to a cheddar cheese but much softer and very mild. It is a washed curd cheese to retard the forming acidity.

To get cheese making, you will need:

  • 5 litres cow milk and thermophillic starter (can use sheep or goat but full cream or skim cows’ milk is fine too)
  • Rennet (use according to instructions)
  • A round cheese basket with small holes for drainage

Cheese making utensils required:

  • 1 holey stirrer
  • 1 thermometer that shows the individual centigrade
  • 1 stainless steel cooking pot, about 7-10 litres
  • 1 curd cutting knife
  • Flat disc ladle
  • Scooped disc ladle
  • Mould and tray to catch the dripping whey.

Follow the full recipes to pre-prep your ingredients to make fabulous fermented cheese. Sunshine Coast Libraries members have loaned cheese related titles 23,004 times!


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