Coffee time | How to brew happiness at home

Coffee. The internationally recognised 'heart-starter'. Your non-negotiable morning ritual. The recyclable coffee cup is now up there with the smartphone – do not leave home without it. Enjoy some quick and easy information to help you brew your own happiness at home.

How do Australian's stack up in the coffee stats? 

  • 1.3 million coffees are sold daily in Australia. 
  • 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day (Source: Wikipedia)
  • 27% of all coffees bought are lattes, 25% are flat whites, 20% are cappuccinos, 8% are long blacks and 6% are espressos. 
  • The average cup costs $4.13. 
  • 54% of coffees are paid for by card. 
  • Australians consume 1.875 million kgs of coffee per year.
  • 23% of coffees at cafes are ordered as takeaways. 
  • The Australian coffee industry is worth approximately $2 billion (source)
  • Australians are recognised as making a quality brew, opening successful cafes world-wide, particularly New York and California. 

4 ways to make coffee at home without a machine

8 coffee trends right now

  • Iced coffee is hot
  • Almond milk (oat milk a close second)
  • Black coffee 
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Espresso grinders 
  • Automated espresso popping up in cafes
  • Cafes going cashless

Did you know that library members have borrowed coffee related items 44,890 times? Pop on the kettle, find the plunger and release the beans for more quality caffeine reads. 


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