Like a balm for your body and soul

After days cooped up in the house or stuck in front of a screen, there is nothing better than getting out amongst all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer on an invigorating bushwalk. Like a balm to your body and soul, a bushwalk can restore your mental balance and gently stretch those underused muscles, releasing feel good endorphins along the way.

Bushwalking is free exercise and the Sunshine Coast is a bushwalker’s paradise. Regardless of whether you like to hug the coast, meander through lush forests or climb up a mountain there are many beautiful walks to choose from.

Check out the fantastic Adventure Sunshine Coast to plan your next bushwalk. With over 150 free, self-guided walking, cycling, mountain biking, horse riding and canoeing activities, Adventure Sunshine Coast is the ultimate guide to the great outdoors of the Sunshine Coast. See maps, distances, colour photos and all the walks are graded so you know exactly what you are up against before you get there! They even indicate if you can take your four legged walking companions. You can create an account to save your favourite trails and create a wishlist. Which walk will you do first? There is over 120 to choose from.

Essential bushwalking tips and tricks:

  • Consider the weather elements and make sure it’s a good day for a bushwalk; no thunderstorms predicted or torrential rain/floods.
  • Make sure you are suitably attired for your adventure. Comfortable footwear, sun-safe clothing and a hat are vital.
  • Slap on the sunscreen and do not forget to reapply regularly; depending on where you are going, some insect repellent might be wise.
  • Make sure you have adequate water and some energy boosting snacks.
  • Know where you are going, tell someone else where you are headed and take your mobile phone.
  • Pack a mini first aid kit in your backpack.
  • Make sure you enjoy the wildlife but cause no harm and remember to leave only footprints – all your rubbish goes home with you!

Just remember not all trails are open just yet, so be sure to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines and rules. For national parks in Queensland check here for the latest advice. So go on… get out there! Breathe in the cleansing fresh air, bask in the sunshine and get those feet a moving while you rediscover the Sunshine Coast through bushwalks! 

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A rainforest bushwalk awaits. Meander through the cool shaded paths at Kondalilla National Park on the gorgeous Blackall Range. Waterfalls and incredible views will be the reward.

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