Barefoot investing

The three jar money mojo game

It is true, times are tough and you could be feeling the pinch of a light purse right now. If you can feel yourself reaching for a paper bag, check out this animated short film from Australia's very own Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape. His step-by-step formula can help get a handle on your money, debts, credit cards, mortgages and savings is simple and easy. Scott’s best-selling books are on high library lending rotation around the nation. 

The Barefoot Steps

  1. Schedule a monthly Barefoot Date Night – it is a partnership.
  2. Set up your buckets – put your money on autopilot.
  3. Domino your debts – turn your debts into a game of dominos.
  4. Buy your home – how to start saving.
  5. Increase your super to 15 per cent – boost your super to be tax efficient.
  6. Boost your mojo to three months – save three months of living expenses.
  7. Get the banker off your back – how to knock down your home loan.
  8. Nail your retirement number – you do not need a million to retire.
  9. Leave a legacy – how do you want to be remembered?

How you can Barefoot at home

3 jam jars, 3 jobs, 3 minutes.

For kids: Set up three jars and label each one Spend Jar, Save Jar or Give Jar. Three jam jars and three jobs that can be done in an afternoon and three minutes for the parents to check it all off. Each time a job is complete, the kids earn a coin to place in a jar of their choosing. 

For couples: Each time a job is complete place a coin in a jar of your/his/her/their choosing. 

For singles: Good on you Legend! Reward yourself each time a job is complete and place a coin in a jar of your choosing. High five yourself. Count coins at the end of the week. #congratulate

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  • The Barefoot Investor for families: the only kids’ money guide you’ll ever need by Scott Pape
  • Get rich slow: start now, start small to achieve real wealth by Sarah Riegelhuth
  • Personal finance for dummies by Eric Tyson
  • A man is not a financial plan: investing for wealth and independence by Joan Baker
  • 7 secrets to investing like Warren Buffett by Mary Buffett
  • Budget and invest to financial freedom by Christopher Kent
  • Everyday millionaires: how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth by Chris Hogan
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  • Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Spenditude: a life changing attitude to money by Paul Gordon

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  • Being an adult: the ultimate guide to moving out, getting a job and getting your act together by Lucy Tobin
  • Become a magnet to money through the sea of unlimited consciousness by Michelle Blood
  • Secrets of the millionaire mind: mastering the inner game of wealth by T. Harv Eker

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