Backyard chicken revolution

Discover a life-time of love for the humble chicken

There is a simple but satisfying pleasure from keeping your own backyard chickens. They provide a wholesome and versatile food source, do wonders for your garden (with proper safeguards in place) and provide entertainment, companionship and relaxation. Children enjoy these feathered friends and they can help teach chores and responsibility while still being fun. Everyone will benefit from the fresh, bright yellow yolks of the eggs – there is simply nothing like them!

Baby chicks are very cute but will grow up and require commitment and work. So, before you join the backyard chicken revolution sweeping Australia, there are a few things to consider.

Tips and tricks

  • Make sure you have adequate space and can comply with council requirements.
  • Think about the noise and odour factors and be a considerate neighbour.
  • Could you become self-sufficient with an automatic feed and watering set up?
  • What breed are you looking for and how much are you prepared to spend? Read this great article on the different breeds.
  • Can you provide adequate safety and shelter for chickens? Check out this plan.
  • How will you stop the chickens from scratching in your flower bed?

Once you decide to take the plunge and join the Backyard Chicken Revolution – you will not look back. There are benefits abound and it will become a life-time of love for the humble chicken.

Choose the Right Chicken - Gardening Australia 


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