Modern macramè | how to hitch your own handmade hangers

Get back into the macramè game! Like many handmade crafts, macrame is super popular right now with its easy-to-make patterns and cheap start-up costs.

Macramè brings a handmade look to your home with handwoven wall hangings, bohemian hanging chairs and planters. Who can forget the classic 1970’s macramè bikini?

So, what is macramè? It is a form of textile using a knotting method – rather than weaving or knitting techniques. The main knots of macramè are the square (or reef knot) and forms of ‘hitching’ with combinations of half hitches. 

A hitch is a type of knot used for binding rope to an object. Macramè is thought to have been created by sailors to cover parts of ships. Who knew? Source: Wikipedia


Large macrame wall hanging tutorial

Let us get started. You will need these items for a macrame wall hanging:

  • Macramè cord: any kind of rope, twin or cord made out of cotton, hemp, jute or synthetic material. 
  • Support: something to tie your knots to like dowel rods, branches, hoops or rings.
  • Scissors

Did you know that library members have loaned macramè titles 3,479 times? For tips, tricks and free pattern ideas, tuck into these top picks and titles. You will be hitched in no time.


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Looking for more macramè conversation? Here is some more to get you knotting:

DIY macrame plant hanger

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