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Having trouble sleeping? You are not alone. Busy lives combined with daily worries or concerns mean we may not be getting the best quality of sleep. Establishing a night-time routine is a great way of winding down after a long day. Adding self-care into your evening ritual is a great way to spoil yourself.

Avoid caffeine and devices too close to bedtime. There are many relaxing activities we can adopt to assist in creating a peaceful environment. Rethink strenuous exercise at night and instead try meditation, mindfulness or yoga. These are popular activities for getting our minds and bodies into a more relaxed state.

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Try adding these activities to your bedtime routine:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga or foam rolling (myofascial release)
  • Journaling – a great way to brain dump the day
  • Taking a warm bath
  • Lighting candles or infusing essential oils
  • Brewing herbal tea
  • Attempt a jigsaw or cross word puzzle
  • Listen to a calming music playlist.

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