Love your leftovers

Did you know Australians waste around 7.3 million tonnes of food each year? That is enough to fill over 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. Join Kim McCosker from 4 Ingredients, Martin Duncan (Sunshine Coast Foodie) and Roz White (White’s IGA Group) to find out how you can reduce food waste with delicious recipes and leftover meal hacks.

Love Your leftovers - Cold Cuts

Kim and Roz show us how to turn our left-over cold meats into delicious kebabs to ensure no food is wasted this Christmas. Dressed with a gorgeous honey and seedy mustard and cook on a hotplate, your kids will demolish these kebabs in minutes.

Love your leftovers - Cheeses

Cheese is too fabulous to waste so watch how Kim and Roz create a platter that uses beautiful local cheeses paired with locally produced crackers and seasonal fruits. 

Love your leftovers - Fritatta

Bundle those leftover roasted veggies into a frittata by adding some eggs and cream. Use up all those leftover herbs and add a couple of tasty items such as capers or anchovies, olive oil and lemon juice to make a sparkling salsa verde to add zing to your frittata. Top tip: put your salad dressing in a jar not on the salad so the salad can be saved for another day. 

Love your leftovers - Pizza 

Some great food-safety tips from Martin and we can all enjoy our leftover ham, prawns, veggies and fruit as Martin and Kim turn leftovers into pizza in this episode of Love your Leftovers. 


Love your leftovers - Fruit cake fabulous

Martin shows us how thick slices of Christmas cake can be gently fried in butter till the fruits caramelise and crisp, served with ice-cream for dessert. While Kim walks us through turning cake into mini Christmas puddings topped with melted white chocolate.

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