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Fat is back, and you have been missed! Bacon, butter, eggs benedict, coconut oil, nuts, béarnaise sauce, cream and full-fat cheese. Throw in heaps of greens and berries and you are on way to Keto heaven. 

So, what is Keto? Some remember it as the low-carb high-fat Atkins diet popular in the 1970s. It involved reducing highly processed carbohydrates and replacing it with good fats. This in turn puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Studies show that this should enable your body to burn fat for energy and reportedly provide benefits such as lower insulin and blood sugar levels.

Elements of Keto have been around much longer than that, just with a different name. Made popular in 1863 by William Banting, an English undertaker who published his book, Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public on his success with low carb eating. The diet then became known as "are you Banting" in high society. 

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While it is not an open door to a full-sized doughnut buffet, fat does make food delicious and satiating. Did you know that library members have loaned keto related items 3,487 times? 

From cookbooks to best-selling research books on Keto diet and lifestyle, you can test recipes and welcome fat back where it belongs. On the menu. Enjoy these top pick titles to get you going.


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Butter makes everything better! Find more keto tips:

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