Juice or smoothie

Drinks to help you stay super healthy 

With the coming of Spring, health and vitality are key to getting the best out of the warmer weather. Why not try juice making with gorgeous gem-coloured spring vegetables and fruit or give super healthy smoothies a go.

What is the difference between a juice and a smoothie? A smoothie is everything – juice, pulp, skin and all. Smoothies are high in fiber, making them favourites for detoxing or as a digestive aid.

No juicer? You can use your blender. Simply pour the liquid through a coffee filter. Smoothies on the other hand are a blender’s best friend.  

Juice vs Blend - Jason Vale 

Reasons to juice or smoothie at home

  • Juicing can save you money.
  • Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants which neutralise free radicals in your body.
  • Vegie scraps and bottom-of-the-bowl fruit rejects are great for your chosen health drink.
  • Bottled juice can kill nutrients through the pasturisation process.
  • Commercial products may also include preservatives and additives.

Tips for the best juice

  • Use a ratio of 2:1 (vegies to fruit).
  • Soft vegetables like spinach, kale, mint, parsley and cucumber are great.
  • Your body craves different enzymes so mix up your blend.
  • Drink your juice fresh as it separates and the nutrients begin to break down.
  • Hard and soft fruits are great in combination.

Find out more with the beginners guide to making juice.

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