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You have done it all – mid-century modern, Hamptons, Scandinavian, Classic Country. Want to try something new? Rejuvenate with a DIY home décor that says something special.

Enter eclectic style. It is perfect for the individualist, traveller, storyteller and all-rounder. No themes, no restrictions. Just freestyle and original. Find out more below about your 'you' style makeover below.

Features of eclectic style: 

  • choose items from your personal story
  • experiment with rugs, lighting, artwork and ornamentation
  • highlight a focal point but practice scale and symmetry (also known as restraint and wisdom)
  • try different styles in the one room
  • incorporate unique pieces
  • combine the unexpected

Lift your mood and love your life with this DIY Eclectic style for your home décor. 

Stylemaker Secrets: What is Eclectic?

Lift your mood and love your life with this DIY eclectic style for your home décor. 


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