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It is time to laugh-out-loud (LOL) with good old Aussie humour. Built upon self-deprecation and potty mouth playfulness. Admittedly, some early Australian comedians could be a little bit low-brow – Barry Humphries, Paul Hogan and Kevin Bl**dy Wilson are comedy classic examples. They poked fun at bogan and politically incorrect characters. 

Moving on, Aussie humour has evolved and rolled with the times. It is still raw and turns any crisis into a good laugh but it is no longer just simple low-brow stuff. Diversity, political satire and intellect are now firm features. Heavy hitters in the new wave of Aussie Comedy include comedians like Lawrence Mooney, Jim Jefferies, Claire Hooper, Tommy Little, Hannah Gadsby, Nazeem Hussain and Celeste Barber. 

As a much loved beast, Aussie comedy will give you laughs from the 'home country' when the going gets tough – it is raw and it is honest.

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