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Online resources

Computer coding
Learn to code by playing games, downloading apps and even participating in free university courses.

Databases and websites
Encyclopedias, Indigenous history and newspaper articles

English – Literature and poetry sites to aid you with your study

  • Australian poetry
    Thousands of Australian poems online
  • Shakespeare
    All of his works online to access 24/7.
  • Shakespeare High
    This site will teach you how to unlock the code of Shakespeare and understand what all those words actually mean.
  • Spark notes
    Great notes on the literary classics.

Khan academy
Learn almost everything for free. Maths, Science, computer science - it's all here with easy to follow YouTube clips.

Local history
Find pictures, old newspaper articles and facts and figures about how the Coast used to be.


On the go

Got a phone with data usage and have some spare time? Check out some of these free apps that will help you get your homework done before you get home.


All phones

  • iMathematics
    The lite version has a bunch of areas that cover definitions and properties from geometry to algebra.
  • Wikipedia
    Great for fast facts but if you are using it to source information for an assignment scroll down and use the Reference links. This will make sure you’ve got good quality references from a bunch of different places.