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Tutor Training Sessions 2022

This course includes nine weekly three hour sessions.

Venue: Baringa Community Centre, 20 Edwards Terrace, Baringa

  Date and Time Unit Name
Week 1 Monday 7 February, 9.30–12.30pm Introduction to Literacy Volunteering
Week 2 Monday 14 February, 9.30–12.30pm
Literacy Resources (session 1)
Week 3 Monday 21 February, 9.30–12.30pm
Reading (session 1)
Week 4 Monday 28 February, 9.30–12.30pm
Reading (session 2)
Week 5 Monday 7 March, 9.30–12.30pm
Writing (session 1)
Week 6 Monday 14 March , 9.30–12.30pm
Writing (session 2)
Week 7
Monday 21 March, 9.30–12.30pm
Listening and Speaking
Week 8
Monday 28 March, 9.30–12.30pm
Literacy Resources (session 2)
Week 9
Monday 4 April, 9.30–12.30pm
Evaluation of Literacy Volunteering

To become a literacy volunteer, refer to the Prospective Literacy Volunteer Handbook[355KB] and submit your expression of interest. Ensure that any qualifications, experience and recency of practice are included in your expression of interest.