Book Club Collection by Author
Author Title
Abdolah, Kader My father's notebook
Abulhawa, Susan Mornings in Jenin : a novel
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Americanah
Adut, Deng Thiak Songs of a war boy
Agassi, Andre Open : an autobiography
Agus, Milena The house in via Manno
Ahern, Cecelia The book of tomorrow
Albom, Mitch For one more day
Alexander, Eben Proof of heaven : a neurosurgeon's journey into the afterlife
Alexander, Nicole L. An uncommon woman
Allende, Isabel In the midst of winter
Allende, Isabel The Japanese lover
Allende, Isabel Maya's notebook
Anderson, Jessica Tirra Lirra by the river
Armstrong, Judith War & peace and Sonya : a novel
Ash, Romy Floundering
Ashley, Melissa The birdman's wife
Atkinson, Kate A god in ruins
Atwood, Margaret Eleanor Hagseed : the Tempest retold
Atwood, Margaret Eleanor The blind assassin
Atwood, Margaret Eleanor The handmaid's tale
Atwood, Margaret Eleanor The heart goes last
Austen, Jane Pride and prejudice
Austen, Jane Emma
Ayres, Pam The necessary aptitude : a memoir
Azar, Shokoofeh The enlightenment of the greengage tree
Backman, Fredrik Beartown
Backman, Fredrik A man called Ove
Bailey, Sarah The dark lake
Banville, John The sea
Barbery, Muriel The life of elves
Barnes, Jimmy Working class boy
Barnes, Julian The noise of time
Barnes, Julian The sense of an ending
Barry, Peter We all fall down
Barry, Sebastian The secret scripture
Beatty, Paul The sellout
Behrendt, Larissa Home
Behrendt, Larissa Legacy
Benjamin, Melanie The aviator's wife : a novel
Benjamin, Melanie Alice I have been : a novel
Bennett, Alan A life like other people's
Besser, Nathan Man in the corner
Birch, Tony Blood
Birskys, Betty At the island
Birskys, Betty Homeland
Bishop, Stephanie The other side of the world
Blain, Georgia Between a wolf and a dog
Bloom, Cameron Penguin Bloom : the odd little bird who saved a family
Bohjalian, Chris The double bind : a novel
Boochani, Behrouz No friend but the mountains : writing from Manus prison
Boyne, John A history of loneliness
Boyne, John The heart's invisible furies
Boyne, John The boy in the striped pyjamas : a fable
Brabon, Katherine The memory artist
Brandi, Mark The rip
Brandt, Harry The whites
Brierley, Saroo A long way home
Brockmole, Jessica Letters from Skye
Brontë, Charlotte Jane Eyre
Brooks, Geraldine People of the book
Brooks, Geraldine The secret chord
Brooks, Geraldine Caleb's crossing : a novel
Brooks, Geraldine Nine parts of desire : the hidden world of Islamic women
Brophy, Kevin T. The Berlin crossing
Brown, Brené Braving the wilderness : the quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone
Brown, Dan Inferno
Bryson, Bill The road to Little Dribbling : more notes from a small island
Burns, Anna Milkman
Burton, Jessie The miniaturist
Bussi, Michel After the crash
Byrski, Liz A month of Sundays
Byrski, Liz In the company of strangers
Cameron, W. Bruce A dog's purpose
Cannon, Joanna The trouble with goats and sheep
Cantù, Francisco The line becomes a river : dispatches from the Mexican border
Carey, Peter Illywhacker
Carey, Peter A long way from home
Carey, Peter The chemistry of tears
Carey, Peter Theft : a love story
Caro, Jane Just a girl
Carroll, Steven The year of the beast
Carroll, Steven Forever young
Carroll, Steven A world of other people
CarterJohnson, Arabella Iris Grace
Carver, Raymond Short cuts : selected stories
Catton, Eleanor The luminaries
Caudell, Colin Pick myself up & dust myself off
Chang, Jung Wild swans : three daughters of China
Chevalier, Tracy The last runaway
Chevalier, Tracy The lady and the unicorn
Childers, Erskine The riddle of the sands : a record of secret service
Church, Elizabeth J. The atomic weight of love : a novel
Clark, Mary Higgins Daddy's gone ahunting
Clarke, Maxine Beneba The hate race : a memoir
Cleave, Chris Everyone brave is forgiven
Cleave, Chris The other hand
Cleeves, Ann Wild fire
Cochrane, Peter The making of Martin Sparrow
Collins, Bridget The binding
Colvin, Mark Light and shadow : memoirs of a spy's son
Connelly, Michael The late show
Cooper, Tea The naturalist's daughter
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels Blow fly
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels Red mist
Correa, Armando Lucas The German girl
Corris, Peter Silent kill
Courtenay, Bryce Jack of diamonds
Courtenay, Bryce Four fires
Cowell, Brendan How it feels
Crace, Jim Harvest
Craven, Margaret I heard the owl call my name
Daisley, Stephen Traitor
Dalton, Trent Boy swallows universe
Dapin, Mark Spirit house
Davis, Brooke Lost & found
De Bernieres, Louis Birds without wings
De Bernieres, Louis The dust that falls from dreams
De Botton, Alain The course of love
De Botton, Alain The consolations of philosophy
De Kretser, Michelle The life to come
de Kretser, Michelle Questions of travel : a novel
De Vries, Susanna Blue ribbons, bitter bread : the life of Joice Nankivell Loch
De Vries, Susanna Great pioneer women of the outback
De Waal, Edmund The hare with amber eyes : a hidden inheritance
Demick, Barbara Nothing to envy : love, life and death in North Korea
deWitt, Patrick The Sisters brothers
Dickens, Charles Great expectations
Dicker, Joël The Baltimore boys
Dicks, Matthew Memoirs of an imaginary friend
Diffenbaugh, Vanessa The language of flowers
Disher, Garry Bitter Wash Road
Dixson, Miriam The real Matilda : woman and identity in Australia 1788 to the present
Doctorow, E. L. Ragtime
Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see
Doughty, Louise Apple tree yard
Dovey, Ceridwen Only the animals
Dubus, Andre House of sand and fog
Duenas, Maria The seamstress
Dumas, Alexandre The Count of Monte Cristo
Duncan, Susan The Briny Café
Duncan, Susan Salvation Creek : an unexpected life
Durrell, Gerald M. My family and other animals
Dutcher, Jim The wisdom of wolves : lessons from the Sawtooth pack
Dyer, David The midnight watch
Earls, Nick Zigzag Street
Eco, Umberto The Prague cemetery
Edwards, Kim The lake of dreams
Egan, Jennifer Manhattan Beach
Ekback, Cecilia Wolf winter
Elton, Ben Identity crisis
Elton, Ben The first casualty
Elton, Ben Two brothers
Enright, Anne The green road
Enright, Anne The gathering
Erdrich, Louise Larose
Espeseth, Amy Sufficient grace
Evans, Ilsa Broken
Fallada, Hans Little man, what now?
Farndale, Nigel The blasphemer : a novel
Faulkner, Annah The beloved
Faulks, Sebastian Where my heart used to beat
Faulks, Sebastian A week in December
Ferrante, Elena My brilliant friend
Ferrante, Elena Those who leave and those who stay
Fidler, Richard Saga land
Finn, A. J. The woman in the window
Fitzgerald, Michael The Pacific room
FitzSimons, Peter Batavia : betrayal. Shipwreck. Murder. Sexual slavery. Courage. A spinechilling chapter in Australian history
Flanagan, Richard The narrow road to the deep north
Flanagan, Richard Wanting
Flaubert, Gustave Madame Bovary
Flynn, Gillian Sharp objects
Flynn, Gillian Gone girl
Foer, Jonathan Safran Everything is illuminated
Ford, Clementine Fight like a girl
Ford, Richard Let me be Frank with you : a Frank Bascombe book
Forster, Deborah The book of Emmett
Fowler, Karen Joy We are all completely beside ourselves
Fox, Candice Gone by midnight
Fraser, Antonia Marie Antoinette : the journey
French, Jackie To love a sunburnt country
French, Tana Broken harbour
Fridlund, Emily History of wolves
Fuller, Alexandra Don't let's go to the dogs tonight : an African childhood
Funder, Anna The girl with the dogs
Funder, Anna All that I am : a novel
Furnivall, Kate The jewel of St Petersburg
Furnivall, Kate The red scarf
Gaarder, Jostein An unreliable man
Gabaldon, Diana Dragonfly in amber
Gaiman, Neil The ocean at the end of the lane
Gaita, Raimond After Romulus
Galbraith, Robert Lethal white
Galbraith, Robert Career of evil
Galbraith, Robert The silkworm
Galbraith, Robert The cuckoo's calling
Gale, Patrick The whole day through
Gale, Patrick A place called Winter
Gale, Patrick A perfectly good man
Galgut, Damon In a strange room : three journeys
Galgut, Damon The good doctor
Gardam, Jane Last friends
Gardam, Jane Crusoe's daughter
Garner, Helen Everywhere I look
Garner, Helen The children's Bach
Garner, Helen The spare room
Genova, Lisa Inside the O'Briens
Genova, Lisa Left neglected
Genova, Lisa Still Alice
Gentill, Sulari All the tears in China
George, Nina The little Paris bookshop
Ghosh, Amitav River of smoke
Ghosh, Amitav Sea of poppies
Gibbons, Stella Cold Comfort Farm
Gilbert, Elizabeth The signature of all things
Gill, Elenor In the shadow of trees
Glasfurd, Guinevere The words in my hand
Glover, Richard The land before avocado : journeys in a lost Australia
Glover, Richard Flesh wounds
Goldstein, Bill The world broke in two : Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, D.H. Lawrence, E.M. Forster and the year that changed literature
Goldsworthy, Anna Piano lessons
Grafton, Sue U is for undertow
Grant, Stan Talking to my country
Greathead, Kate Laura & Emma : a novel
Green, Sophie The inaugural meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club
Greene, Graham The captain and the enemy
Greene, Graham The quiet American
Greene, Graham The end of the affair
Greenwood, Kerry Dead man's chest
Greer, Andrew Sean Less : a novel
Gregory, Philippa Tidelands
Gregory, Philippa The white princess
Grenville, Kate The idea of perfection
Grenville, Kate Sarah Thornhill
Grimaldi, Virginie How to find love in the little things
Grodstein, Lauren A friend of the family
Gruen, Sara Ape house : a novel
Gruen, Sara Water for elephants : a novel
Guterson, David Snow falling on cedars
Guterson, David Ed King
Guzeman, Tracy The gravity of birds
Gyasi, Yaa Homegoing
Haddon, Mark The porpoise
Haddon, Mark The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime
Haig, Matt How to stop time
Ham, Paul New Jerusalem
Ham, Rosalie The dressmaker
Hamer, Kate The girl in the red coat
Hamid, Mohsin Exit west
Hamilton, Masha The camel bookmobile
Hammer, Chris Scrublands
Hanff, Helene 84 Charing Cross Road
Hannah, Kristin The great alone
Hannah, Kristin The nightingale
Harari, Yuval N. Sapiens : a brief history of humankind
Harper, Jane The lost man
Harper, Jane Force of nature
Harper, Jane The dry
Harris, Robert Pompeii
Harris, Robert The ghost
Harrison, Melissa All among the barley
Harrower, Elizabeth In certain circles
Harrower, Elizabeth The long prospect
Haruf, Kent Our souls at night
Hashimi, Nadia A house without windows
Hawkins, Paula Into the water
Hawkins, Paula The girl on the train
Hawley, Noah Before the fall
Hay, Ashley The railwayman's wife
Hay, Sheridan The secret of lost things : a novel
Hayes, Antonia Relativity
Healey, Emma Elizabeth is missing
Hearn, Lian Across the nightingale floor
Henshaw, Mark The snow kimono
Heywood, Victoria Love behind bars : true Australian stories
Highsmith, Patricia Strangers on a train
Highsmith, Patricia Carol
Hiraide, Takashi The guest cat
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel
Hitchens, Christopher Hitch 22 : a memoir
Hoag, Tami Secrets to the grave
Hoffman, Alice The dovekeepers : a novel
Hoge, Robert Ugly : my memoir
Holloway, Richard Waiting for the last bus : reflections on life and death
Honeyman, Gail Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Hospital, Janette Turner The claimant
Hosseini, Khaled And the mountains echoed
Howarth, David We die alone
Howey, Hugh Wool
Hume, Lynne "Strumpets of the worst kind" : Surgeon Superintendent James Hall, London, 1836
Hunt, David Girt. Volume 1, From megafauna to Macquarie : the unauthorised history of Australia
Huxley, Aldous Brave new world
Hyde, Elisabeth In the heart of the canyon
Ishiguro, Kazuo When we were orphans
Ishiguro, Kazuo The buried giant
Ivey, Eowyn The snow child
Jacobs, Dean The streets of Whitechapel
Jacobsen, Dale Lorna Yenohan's legacy
James, Clive Unreliable memoirs
James, Peter Perfect people
James, Tania The tusk that did the damage
Jaswal, Balli Kaur Erotic stories for Punjabi widows
Jefferies, Maureen The Kuranya
Jefferies, Maureen Across the water
Jeffrey, Betty White coolies : an account of the true story which inspired the film `Paradise Road'
Joel, Maggie The secondlast woman in England
Johns, Rachael The Patterson girls
Jonasson, Jonas The one hundred year old man climbed out the window and disappeared
Jones, Lloyd Mister Pip
Jones, Lloyd Hand me down world
Jones, Tayari An American marriage
Jordan, Toni Nine days
Jordan, Toni Fall girl
Kaiser, Charles The cost of courage
Keane, Jessie Black widow
Kelly, Lynne The memory code : the traditional Aboriginal memory technique that unlocks the secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and ancient monuments the world over
Keneally, Thomas Schindler's ark
Keneally, Thomas Napoleon's last island
Keneally, Thomas Shame and the captives
Keneally, Thomas The chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
Keneally, Thomas The daughters of Mars
Keneally, Thomas A commonwealth of thieves : the improbable birth of Australia
Keneally, Thomas The people's train
Kennedy, Cate The world beneath
Kent, Hannah Burial rites
Kent, Hannah The good people
Kesey, Ken One flew over the cuckoo's nest
Khadra, Yasmina The attack
Khan, Vaseem The unexpected inheritance of Inspector Chopra
Khoo Thwe, Pascal From the land of green ghosts : a Burmese odyssey
Kidd, Sue Monk The invention of wings
King, Lily Euphoria : a novel
Kingsolver, Barbara Unsheltered
Kingsolver, Barbara The Poisonwood Bible
Kingsolver, Barbara Flight behaviour
Klein, Naomi This changes everything : capitalism vs. the climate
Kline, Christina Baker Orphan train
Knox, Malcolm The wonder lover
Koch, Herman Summer house with swimming pool
Koch, Herman The dinner
Koontz, Dean R. From the corner of his eye
Krueger, William Kent Ordinary grace : a novel
Kubica, Mary Pretty baby
Kurlansky, Mark Salt : a world history
Kurniawan, Eka Beauty is a wound
Kurosawa, Susan Coronation talkies
Kushner, Rachel The flamethrowers
Laguna, Sofie The choke
Laguna, Sofie The eye of the sheep
Lahiri, Jhumpa The namesake
Lanchester, John The Wall
Lanchester, John Capital
Landay, William Defending Jacob
Lansing, Alfred Endurance : Shackleton's incredible voyage
Le Carré, John The mission song
Lee, Harper To kill a mockingbird
Lee, Janice Y. K. The piano teacher
Lee, Min Jin Pachinko
Lefteri, Christy The beekeeper of Aleppo
Lester, Jem Shtum
Lester, Natasha The Paris seamstress
Lewycka, Marina A short history of tractors in Ukrainian
Limprecht, Eleanor The passengers
Llewellyn, Richard How green was my valley
London, Joan Gilgamesh
London, Joan The good parents
London, Joan The Golden Age
Lucashenko, Melissa Too much lip
Lucy, Judith Drink, smoke, pass out : an unlikely spiritual journey
Lyman, Bruce Flowers of Baghdad
Mackinnon, A. J. The unlikely voyage of Jack de Crow : a mirror odyssey from North Wales to the Black Sea
Mackinnon, A. J. The well at the world's end
MacLaverty, Bernard Midwinter break
Mahood, Kim Position doubtful : mapping landscapes and memories
Malouf, David Remembering Babylon
Malouf, David The happy life : the search for contentment in the modern world
Manguel, Alberto Packing my library : an elegy and ten digressions
Mankell, Henning A treacherous paradise
Mantel, Hilary Bring up the bodies
Mantel, Hilary Wolf Hall
Martel, Yann The high mountains of Portugal
Marwood, Alex The darkest secret
Massy, Charles Breaking the sheep's back : the shocking true story of the decline and fall of the Australian wool industry
Matthews, Beryl Diamonds in the dust
Maugham, W. Somerset Of human bondage
Mawer, Simon Tightrope
Mawer, Simon The girl who fell from the sky
May, Peter Coffin Road
Mayes, Frances Under the Tuscan sun : at home in Italy
McBride, Eimear A girl is a halfformed thing
McCall Smith, Alexander The Saturday big tent wedding party
McCall Smith, Alexander The full cupboard of life
McCullough, Colleen Angel puss
McCullough, Colleen The independence of Miss Mary Bennet
McDonald, Roger The ballad of Desmond Kale
McEwan, Ian Nutshell
McEwan, Ian The children act
McEwan, Ian Solar
McFarlane, Fiona The night guest
McGahan, Andrew The white earth
McGirr, Michael Books that saved my life : reading for wisdom, solace and pleasure
McGregor, Jon Reservoir 13
McInnes, William The laughing clowns
McIntosh, Fiona The tailor's girl
McIntosh, Fiona The tea gardens
McIntosh, Fiona The pearl thief
McIntosh, Fiona The lavender keeper
Mckinnon, Catherine Storyland
McLain, Paula Circling the sun
McLain, Paula The Paris wife
Mehran, Marsha Pomegranate soup
Messud, Claire The woman upstairs
Meyer, Deon 7 days
Michaelides, Alex The silent patient
Michaels, Anne Fugitive pieces
Miller, Alex The passage of love
Miller, Alex Watching the climbers on the mountain
Miller, Alex Coal Creek
Miller, Derek Norwegian by night
Mitchell, David The bone clocks
Mitchell, David The thousand autumns of Jacob De Zoet : a novel
Mitchell, Susan Margaret & Gough : the love story that shaped a nation
Moloney, James The tower mill
Moody, Mary Last tango in Toulouse
Moon, Josephine The Tea Chest
Morais, Richard C. The hundredfoot journey
Moriarty, Cass Parting words
Moriarty, Liane Nine perfect strangers
Moriarty, Liane Truly madly guilty
Moriarty, Liane Big little lies
Moriarty, Liane The husband's secret
Morris, Heather The tattooist of Auschwitz
Morrison, Toni God help the child
Morrison, Zoë Music and freedom
Morrissey, Di The road back
Mortenson, Greg Stones into schools : promoting peace with books, not bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Morton, Kate The lake house
Morton, Kate The distant hours
Morton, Kate The secret keeper
Morton, Kate The forgotten garden : a novel
Moss, Tara Assassin
Moyes, Jojo The girl you left behind
Moyes, Jojo Me before you
Mukherjee, Neel The lives of others
Mundle, Rob Bligh : master mariner
Munro, Alice Dear life
Murakami, Haruki Norwegian wood
Murakami, Haruki After dark
Murnane, Gerald Border districts
Mutch, Barbara The housemaid's daughter
Mytting, Lars The sixteen trees of the Somme
Ng, Celeste Everything I never told you
Ng, Celeste Little fires everywhere
Nicholls, David Sweet sorrow
Nicholls, David One day
Norbury, Katharine The fish ladder : a journey upstream
Norton, Graham Holding
Obama, Barack Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritance
Obama, Michelle Becoming
Obreht, Tea The tiger's wife
O'Farrell, Maggie I am, I am, I am : seventeen brushes with death
O'Farrell, Maggie After you'd gone
O'Farrell, Maggie The vanishing act of Esme Lennox
O'Grady, Emily The yellow house
Okri, Ben The freedom artist
Olsson, Kristina Boy, lost
Ondaatje, Michael Warlight
Ondaatje, Michael The cat's table
Ondaatje, Michael The English patient
Orwell, George Nineteen eightyfour
Overington, Caroline I came to say goodbye
Owens, Delia Where the crawdads sing
Ozeki, Ruth L. A tale for the time being
Packer, Ann The dive from Clausen's Pier
Pamuk, Orhan Silent house
Pancol, Katherine The yellow eyes of crocodiles
Park, Tony Red earth
Parrett, Favel Past the shallows
Pascoe, Bruce Dark emu : Aboriginal Australia and the birth of agriculture
Patchett, Ann Bel canto : a novel
Patchett, Ann Commonwealth
Patchett, Ann State of wonder
Patric, A. S. Black rock white city
Paul, Gill The secret wife
Pears, Iain M. An instance of the fingerpost
Penney, Stef Tenderness of wolves
Penny, Louise Still life
Perlman, Elliot Seven types of ambiguity
Perry, Roland Céleste
Pick, Alison Far to go
Picoult, Jodi Small great things
Picoult, Jodi Change of heart
Picoult, Jodi Sing you home
Pilcher, Rosamunde Winter solstice
Pinborough, Sarah Behind her eyes
Porter, Max Lanny
Powers, Richard The overstory
Proulx, Annie Barkskins
Proulx, Annie Close range : Brokeback Mountain and other stories
Pullman, Philip The good man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ
Pung, Alice Unpolished gem
Purcell, John The girl on the page
Quinn, Kate The Alice network
Rand, Ayn Atlas shrugged
Rash, Ron The cove
Raynes, Cameron First person shooter
Rebanks, James The shepherd's life : a tale of the Lake District
Reilly, Matthew The tournament
Relph, Andrew Not drowning, reading
Rhoades, Joy The woolgrower's companion
Rhodes, James Instrumental
Richman, Alyson The lost wife
Richmond Mouillot, Miranda A fiftyyear silence : love, war & a ruined house in France
Rimington, Stella Open secret : the autobiography of the former DirectorGeneral of MI5
Rimington, Stella Secret asset
Ringland, Holly The lost flowers of Alice Hart
Riwoe, Mirandi The fish girl
Roberts, Gregory David Shantaram
Robinson, Marilynne Gilead
Robotham, Michael The secrets she keeps
Robotham, Michael Close your eyes
Robotham, Michael Say you're sorry
Robotham, Michael The night ferry
Rodriguez, Deborah The little coffee shop of Kabul
Rodriguez, Deborah Kabul Beauty School : the art of friendship and freedom
Rooney, Sally Conversations with friends
Rooney, Sally Normal people
Rose, Heather The Museum of Modern Love
Rouda, Kaira Best day ever
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Rowling, J. K. The casual vacancy
Roy, Arundhati The ministry of utmost happiness
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos Shadow of the wind
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos The prisoner of heaven
Rusbridge, Jane The devil's music
Rushdie, Salman The golden house : a novel
Rutherfurd, Edward London : the novel
Ryan, Donal From a low and quiet sea
Sales, Leigh Any ordinary day
Salinger, J. D. The catcher in the rye
Santopolo, Jill The light we lost
Sasson, Jean P. Princess : a true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia
Saunders, George Lincoln in the bardo : a novel
Saunders, George Tenth of December
Savva, Niki The road to ruin : how Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin destroyed their own government
Scholes, Katherine Congo dawn
Semple, Maria Where'd you go, Bernadette
Serong, Jock The rules of backyard cricket
Setterfield, Diane Bellman & Black
Shamsie, Kamila Home fire
Sherborne, Craig Hoi polloi
Silva, Daniel The confessor
Silvey, Craig Jasper Jones
Simon, Rachel Riding the bus with my sister : a true life journey
Simonson, Helen Major Pettigrew's last stand
Simpson, Inga Nest
Simpson, Inga Mr Wigg
Simsion, Graeme C. The Rosie result
Simsion, Graeme C. The Rosie effect
Simsion, Graeme C. The Rosie project
Singh, Jaspreet Helium : a novel
Sixsmith, Martin Philomena : a mother, her son, and a fiftyyear search
Skloot, Rebecca The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
Smiley, Jane A thousand acres
Smiley, Jane Some luck
Smith, Annabel Whisky Charlie Foxtrot
Smith, Dominic The last painting of Sara De Vos
Smith, Zadie On beauty : a novel
Solomon, Andrew Far from the tree : parents, children and the search for identity
Solomons, Natasha Mr Rosenblum's list : or, Friendly guidance for the aspiring Englishman
Sorensen, Tracy The lucky galah
St. Aubyn, Edward Never mind
Stead, Elizabeth The gospel of gods and crocodiles
Stedman, M. L. The light between oceans
Stegner, Wallace Earle Angle of repose
Stein, Garth The art of racing in the rain
Steinbeck, John The winter of our discontent
Strayed, Cheryl Wild : from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail
Strout, Elizabeth Anything is possible
Strout, Elizabeth My name is Lucy Barton : a novel
Sullivan, Mark T. Beneath a scarlet sky
Summers, Anne Unfettered and alive : a memoir
Summerscale, Kate The wicked boy : the mystery of a Victorian child murderer
Swift, Graham Mothering Sunday : a romance
Szubanski, Magda Reckoning : a memoir
Tallack, Malachy Sixty degrees north : around the world in search of home
Talty, Stephan Agent Garbo : the brilliant, eccentric double agent who tricked Hitler and saved DDay
Tan, Amy The valley of amazement
Tan, Amy The Joy Luck Club
Tan, Amy Saving fish from drowning
Tan, Twan Eng The garden of evening mists
Tartt, Donna The goldfinch
Tartt, Donna The secret history
Temple, Peter Shooting star
Temple, Peter Truth
Thomas, Rhys The unlikely heroics of Sam Holloway
ThompsonGray, John Love luck and larceny : memoirs from Broome 1942
Thornell, Kristel Night street
Throsby, Holly Goodwood
Tidy, Samantha The happiness jar
Tiffany, Carrie Mateship with birds
Toibin, Colm Nora Webster
Toibin, Colm Brooklyn
Tokarczuk, Olga Flights
Toole, John Kennedy A confederacy of dunces
Toorpakai, Maria A different kind of daughter : the girl who hid from the Taliban in plain sight
Torday, Paul Salmon fishing in the Yemen
Towles, Amor A gentleman in Moscow
Tranter, Kirsten A common loss
Treasure, Rachael Jillaroo
Tremain, Rose Music & silence
Tremain, Rose The road home
Trollope, Joanna Sense and sensibility
Trollope, Joanna Daughtersinlaw
Tsiolkas, Christos Merciless gods
Tsiolkas, Christos Barracuda
Tumarkin, Maria Otherland : a journey with my daughter
Tunnicliffe, Hannah Season of salt and honey
Turnbull, Sarah All good things
Turton, Stuart The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
Tyler, Anne A spool of blue thread
Tyler, Anne Breathing lessons
Tyler, Anne Dinner at the homesick restaurant
Tyler, Anne The accidental tourist
Unger, Lisa Fragile
Veletzos, Roxanne The girl they left behind
Verghese, A. Cutting for stone : a novel
Vickers, Salley Cousins
Vigan, Delphine de Based on a true story
Viggers, Karen The lightkeeper's wife
Vreeland, Susan Clara and Mr. Tiffany : a novel
Waldman, Amy The submission
Ware, Ruth The death of Mrs. Westaway
Waters, Sarah The paying guests
Waugh, Evelyn The loved one : an AngloAmerican tragedy
Waxman, Abbi The garden of small beginnings
Weisgarber, Ann The glovemaker
Westover, Tara Educated
White, Christian The nowhere child
White, Patrick Happy Valley
White, Patrick The hanging garden
Whitehead, Colson The underground railroad
Wilde, Oscar The picture of Dorian Gray
Williams, John Edward Stoner
Wilson, Josephine Extinctions
Wilson, Rohan David The roving party
Winch, Tara June After the carnage
Winchester, Simon Atlantic : a vast ocean of a million stories
Wingate, Lisa Before we were yours
Winman, Sarah A year of Marvellous Ways
Winman, Sarah When God was a rabbit
Winterson, Jeanette Oranges are not the only fruit
Winterson, Jeanette Why be happy when you could be normal?
Winton, Tim The shepherd's hut
Winton, Tim Land's edge : a coastal memoir
Winton, Tim Eyrie
Winton, Tim Cloudstreet
Wood, Charlotte The natural way of things
Wood, Charlotte Animal people
Woolf, Virginia Mrs Dalloway
Worth, Jennifer Call the midwife : a memoir of birth, joy, and hard times
Wray, John Godsend
Wright, Alexis Carpentaria
Wyld, Evie All the birds, singing
Wyndham, Susan Life in his hands : the true story of a neurosurgeon and a pianist
Yanagihara, Hanya A little life
Young, Helene Border watch
Yousafzai, Malala I am Malala : the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban
Zimler, Richard The last Kabbalist of Lisbon
Zusak, Markus Bridge of Clay
Zusak, Markus The book thief
Zusak, Markus The messenger

Current as at March 2020.