Your Next Great Read

Let libraries do the legwork

Simply fill in the online form and a selection of reads will be created just for you!

Choose to Click and Collect titles from your local library or receive a personalised list or recommendations direct to your email.  

Frequently asked questions

The service is only available for current Sunshine Coast Libraries card holders.

There is no charge for the Your Next Great Read service.

Complete the form for each library member in your family and library staff will action your request. You choose whether you would like 10 titles ready to pick up from your local library or a curated list of 5 emailed titles that you can reserve or download yourself.

Your Next Great Read incorporates a Click and Collect option so that you can collect selected items from your closest library. If you currently have reservations available, they can be included in your loans. You will be notified via email when your items are ready to collect. 

If you are required to isolate or quarantine, or have symptoms of COVID-19, please delay your collection or returns.

Contact library staff on (07) 5475 8989 if you are unable to pick up your items. If the library does not hear from you within 24 hours of your pick up time the items will be returned to the collection. Your reservations will also be returned, and you will need to reserve them again.

Items can be returned to any Sunshine Coast Library. During open hours, returns will be accepted inside the library on the RFID returns shelves. The external returns chutes will be available to use after hours.

Home delivery is available for vulnerable persons. Refer to the Home Library Service.

An online membership is available to access the wide range of resources available in the eLibrary. You can visit the library to update to a full membership to access the Your Next Great Read service.

You can visit the library to update to a full membership.

The email option was piloted with customers in 2021 and is now available to all customers as a valued addition to Sunshine Coast Libraries readers’ advisory service. It allows you to select the titles that appeal most to you from a curated list that we email to you. It may also be your preference to receive the email option if you prefer eBooks and eAudiobooks. These can be downloaded immediately from the links in the email, to read or listen to from home.