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"How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time" - Morgan Freeman. The definition of kindness is possessing the qualities of being friendly, generous and considerate. There is a saying, "It costs nothing to be kind." It sounds simple, but sometimes a smile or 'hello' is enough to cheer someone's mood.

That’s why local businesses, Sunshine Coast Council and Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service have joined forces, launching a new campaign promoting kindness. 

The campaign, It’s Cool to be Kind, is designed to support local businesses and industry doing it tough in the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workers across many sectors, including hospitality, retail, transport, medical and administration are experiencing an increase in customer anger and abuse. And it’s not cool. 

Some acts of kindness could be:

  • Reach out and check on friends and family.
  • Give a parent a break by offering to babysit.
  • Give a shout out to a local business by leaving a positive review after a good experience.
  • Donate good condition clothes to charity stores or towels and blankets to animal shelters.
  • Send a thank-you email to a colleague.
  • Volunteer your time to a worthy cause.
  • Help a neighbour by mowing the lawns or picking up groceries.

Small acts of kindness can have a tremendous impact on both the person being kind and the receiver. Studies have found that kindness, compassion and giving are associated with:

  • improved happiness
  • good mental health
  • a stronger immune system
  • reduced anxiety, stress and depression
  • improved relationships
  • a longer life.

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The science of kindness | Random Acts of Kindness Foundation


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