DIY Home Decor | Coastal Style

You live on the Coast and you love the lifestyle. Why not reflect the landscape with a DIY Coastal makeover at home?  
Coastal style encapsulates the best of beach and brings it inside your home. Its geographic roots reach as far as Denmark, the Bahamas, Florida, California, France, Ibiza, West Indies, Australia and Asia. 

Get started with the four main elements of Coastal Style: 

  • Colours that are crisp – white mixed with beige tones and blue and green accents 
  • Natural light – sheer curtains or strategically placed mirrors for added light
  • Natural materials – wood, cotton, jute and driftwood
  • Personal touches that make you feel like you can relax in every room.

Famous celebrities who love the coastal style include Leonardo DiCaprio, Cindy Crawford, Celine Dion, Julia Roberts, Steve Martin and Donna Karan. Learn more about their coastal style preferences.


Elevated Beach House in Currumbin QLD Australia | Sotheby's International Realty 

Do not be scared off by the focus on the marine colours blue and white. There are many types of Coastal Style including Tropical and Mediterranean which employ splashes of colour, timber tones and texture, and dark accents of iron and terracotta.  
Lift your mood with a DIY restyle of your home!


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  • Create Your Dream Home 

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