Your new library system

Libraries across the Sunshine Coast have a new system installed.

The new system includes smart and efficient features including:

  • Functionality that makes borrowing and returning items faster and easier
  • Multiple library items borrowed and returned in a few quick steps
  • Security tags and gates installed to deter theft
  • More staff time dedicated to helping customers with technology questions and sourcing information and finding a great read. 

Returning items

There are changes to where library items are returned. 

  • During business hours items are returned inside the library building
  • After hours items are returned through the external chutes.  

Radio Frequency Identification

The new system is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The technology is a combination of radio-frequency based technology and microchip technology.

RFID operates on radio waves, therefore there is minimal impact on the environment and individuals. The company contracted to undertake this project meets all industry safety standards and is certified for government health and safety regulations.

Many large stores have this system, where items are tagged and gates at the exit point identify property not formally checked out.

Library team

The new system means library staff will spend less time processing items and more time helping customers. Staff will be available for customers, connecting them to information and books from the vast library collection.

If you have any questions contact library staff on (07) 5475 8989 or