New Library Arrangement - Nonfiction Collections

During November 2019 Sunshine Coast Libraries will make changes to the way the nonfiction collection is organised.

The library’s nonfiction collections will be organised into 22 curated collections such as travel, food and drink, arts and music, to make it easier for you to find your favourite books on any topic.

The new arrangement will make it easy to browse by subject area. It will group subjects together more comprehensively and the approach is similar to that taken by book shops.

The new organisation for nonfiction collections will be set up in your nearest library from 11 to 22 November and you will see those changes reflected in the library’s catalogue during that time.

Curated Collections

  • Business and finance
  • World languages
  • Literature and writing
  • History and politics
  • Food and drink
  • Culture and society
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Local history
  • Crafts and collecting
  • Literacy
  • Arts and music
  • Travel and countries
  • Science and technology
  • True crime
  • Beliefs and ideas
  • House and DIY
  • Biographies
  • Family and relationships
  • Military and war
  • Animals and pets
  • Gardens and plants
  • Sport and leisure